About us

CoWorking is the phenomenon that’s changing the way millions of people work, and it’s continuing to cultivate in its popularity, flexibility and range of providers. And it’s not just for digital nomads and startup entrepreneurs anymore. Big companies, with up to 1000 people, including GM, GE, IBM and Microsoft, all lease office space from our coworking partners.

CoWorkAvenue is the new and easy way to find your perfect match with a coworking operator in any major city around Australia.

The concept is simple: We understand the benefits and styles of each coworking operator. We mix these two factors with a load of independent expertise to ensure we match the right tenants with the right coworkspace partner.

What’s more, our premium service is free for our clients because we think you could put your hard-earned money to better use. It’s quick, straightforward and seamless. We work with you throughout the entire process, which is what sets us apart. Plus, there’s:

  • No bank guarantees
  • No fit-out costs
  • No ‘make good’ obligations
  • Flexible contracts so you can expand
  • Short notice periods to vacate

how it works

CoWorkAvenue is not your usual commercial coworking expert.

No red tape or lengthy paperwork to sign here. Matching you with the right shared coworking space or serviced offices that are affordable, flexible and readily available is what we do best.

  • Tell us your needs

    Simply tell us your preferences and we’ll shortlist spaces that fit your requirements to a tee.

  • Take a tour

    We’ll arrange personal tours and send you an itinerary, so you can preview your top matches with ease, as soon as the next day.

  • Get the best price

    We compare properties and real-time pricing to find the best value for your ideal space.

  • Move in with ease

    CoWorkAvenue will guide you through the entire process – right up until you are sitting in your new coworking space.

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