key benefits

Many big businesses are now considering leasing coworking spaces. The concept is successful because it allows people to work in a professional environment, whether that be a shared coworking space or private office, without high up-front costs or long-term commitments.

Also, expenses such as office furniture, renovations, electricity, high-speed internet and other utilities are all included in the rent, and you can avoid allowing you to avoid upfront costs or long-term financial commitments.

CoWorking is a culture that’s far removed from the staid office environment of past decades. Coworking allows you to scale your business with ease, leave a good client impression and retain staff for longer. But that’s not all. Other benefits include:

Sense of community

Relax, we’ve got this!. Unlike rigid and traditional 9 – 5 office hours, most of CoWorkAvenue’s partner spaces are open 24/7 which means you and your team can communicate and work when it suits you.

Creative and unique spaces

We understand that people work in multiple ways and different tasks require varying working methods. Whether you need to hideaway in a pod to work through a short deadline, want a more open but private space, would prefer to stand up, or collaborate creatively with the team, CoWorkAvenue has a space for you.

Diverse business community

One day you could be sitting next to an architect and, the next, a front-end developer. Being part of a diverse community is what makes coworking so successful. Bounce around ideas with people you wouldn’t normally have access to, team up on projects, and broaden your offering to grow your business.

Location, location

Have you always wanted to work on the top floor building with harbour views? That one building above all the trendy new cafes, restaurants and bars with a happy hour? CoWorkAvenue can make that happen. We can find affordable space in modern buildings in great locations that may otherwise be out of reach. Plus, get the opportunity to pitch to new businesses and impress your clients.

Avoid the admin

When you’re running a business, the last thing on your mind is configuring your fast-internet connection, changing printer cartridges and managing the mail. CoWorkAvenue Partners take care of all that boring admin for you, including reception duties, as part of your monthly fee — all you need to do is show up, plug in, and get on with what you do best.

No bank guarantees

No fitout costs

No make goods

Expand or contract as your business requires

Sense of community

Creative and unique space

Potential for collaboration

Super-fast internet

Mail and package handling

Office supplies

Business-class printers

IT support

Daily cleaning

24/7 building access

Private phone booths

End of trip facilities

how it works

CoWorkAvenue is not your usual commercial coworking expert.

No red tape or lengthy paperwork to sign here. Matching you with the right shared coworking space or serviced offices that are affordable, flexible and readily available is what we do best.

  • Tell us your needs

    Simply tell us your preferences and we’ll shortlist spaces that fit your requirements to a tee.

  • Take a tour

    We’ll arrange personal tours and send you an itinerary, so you can preview your top matches with ease, as soon as the next day.

  • Get the best price

    We compare properties and real-time pricing to find the best value for your ideal space.

  • Move in with ease

    CoWorkAvenue will guide you through the entire process – right up until you are sitting in your new coworking space.

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